What type of big bag should I use? 

You should ideally use a big bag with an opening at the top (opening spout or completely open), a discharge spout and four corner loops.

Can you advise me during the testing phase? 

We are naturally willing to offer advice when testing the product in the warehouse or during production. It is recommended that different people use the product in different places and for different applications for a while. To provide the best possible service, we are happy to give you a call, or you can send us photos and videos of your set-up so we can properly assess what the biggest benefits would be for your company.

What is a demo? 

A demo is comprised of a minimum number of products to be tested. In the case of the Indus Neva, it concerns at least two test products for stacking, filling and emptying, if applicable. We can offer support with testing by attending your site or via video call. Request a demo for testing via our website or by contacting our experts.

Do you have local partners? 

Indus works with many local partners who can offer support locally and can assist with a demo in the factory. Contact us so we can put you in touch with the right partner.