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The Indus Neva saves your company up to 70,3% in storage space. Stack your big bags up to 7 metres or 6 tonnes high. Tested and certified by IBE-BVI, Sebert.


Alldra acquired the Indus Neva as a replacement for steel silo containers. “The bottleneck for our growth was our limited storage capacity. With the Indus Neva, we can stack up to 3 levels high without any pollution risks,”

– Tony Schoorlemmer, site manager at Alldra.

Efficient Stacking and Maximum Saving

You save 40.50% in space when stacking 2 units high, 60.33% when stacking 3 units high and up to 70.25% when stacking 4 units high, compared to a big bag of 1000×1000 mm stacked on one level.

In addition to the fact that the Indus Neva can easily be stacked, the product takes up little space when not in use. The pallet decks can simply be stacked and circular recesses in the centre of the deck allow up to 44 poles to be placed on one deck. That way, the product never takes up unnecessary space in your production facility or during transport.

Multifunctional use of the Neva

The Indus Neva is a unique and versatile system that not only offers a solution for your storage space. The Neva also helps with the easy filling and emptying of big bags/FIBCs, the optimisation of your goods flow and supply as well as the improvement of both food- and internal safety.

Ricardo Hettinga

International Accountmanager

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