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Looking for a solution to save space in your production or storage? An innovative way to fill and empty big bags? Or for the best system to transport big bags within and outside your company? And for a safer working environment? Discover what the Neva can do for your company.

Find your bulk logistics solution

Save storage space

With the Indus products you can easily and efficiently store bulk goods by stacking them. Up to 6,000 kg or stacked 7 metres in height. This allows you to save space for other important operational activities or you can save on costs.

Easily fill and empty bulk goods

You can easily fill and empty bulk goods into a big bag with one product. The Indus Neva ensures stability, safety and the ability to empty big bags in doses through the pallet deck. In a completely new way through the innovative product design.

Indus products transporting big bags

Optimise internal en external logistics

Transport your bulk goods safely and stably from place to place in a truck, or for internal transport with, for example, a forklift to storage or production. That’s what the Indus Neva is perfect for.

Safely storing and processing bulk goods

When transporting, filling, emptying and storing big bags, safety is guaranteed in our most revolutionary product, the Indus Neva. Our certified products ensure optimal safety when processing your bulk goods.

Ricardo Hettinga

International Accountmanager

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