Gericke-Indus unloading station

The unloading station offers optimal support for the unloading of all powders

Discover the Gericke unloading station

Standard big bag unloading station

The simple solution for the emptying of big bags

Discover the unloading station

Rapid and dosed discharging
A big bag unloading station enables the automated, ergonomic, rapid, safe and dosed discharge of materials from big bags. The Indus Neva must be placed on an unloading station for the unloading of materials. That way, the deck can be emptied from a height.

Depending on the material, it can be free-flowing or it can be bridging. Granulates generally flow fairly easily, while powders flow with more difficulty. We offer specific unloading stations for different situations. The unloading stations are made with hygiene and simplicity in mind and are available in multiple heights.

Introducing our Neva

This all-in-one solution has outstanding unloading capabilities and stability in the lower deck. In addition, the unique design and sturdy poles ensure a high level of safety during the handling of big bags. The no.1 solution for sustainable and accessible bulk logistics. Curious about the benefits for your factory?

Ricardo Hettinga

International Accountmanager

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