The Indus story

Our mission is to facilitate the transformation to more sustainable, accessible and safer bulk logistics. Our experts have been there for you for more than 15 years.

“We believe in working together towards a sustainable future, an industry that needs less space, can flexibly upscale and downscale, and where materials work in harmony with one another.”

Our experts

Arjan Visscher

International Accountmanager

Bardina v/d Wijngaard

Office & HR

Dirk Dijkstra

International Accountmanager

Judith Zitman


Ricardo Hettinga

International Accountmanager

Robert den Hertog

Head Sales & Marketing

How it started

In 2004, experience of pallets, logistics expertise and product innovation led to the creation of what would later be a revolutionary development in bulk processing and logistics. After years of designing, prototypes and innovation, the Neva was introduced in 2010. The product was solid, simple and user-friendly. These core values still apply today.

We are your bulk logistics partner and are happy to offer input about the best way for you to use our products as well as improve your logistics, sustainability and safety. View our knowledge base for quick tips, detailed information and manuals. Curious about what we can do for you?


Make your bulk logistics more sustainable by using Indus products. Our big bag handling systems are largely made of recycled polypropylene plastics, have a lifespan of up to 15 years, and can then be recycled again. The use of jumbo bags (FIBCs) also reduces the need for replacement and reduces waste compared to disposable cardboard or plastic solutions such as 25 kg bags. That way, your organisation contributes to a more sustainable world.

Innovation comes first

We understand better than anyone that every situation is different and things change over time. With our subsidiaries and partners, we have the expertise and innovative clout to lead the way in a rapidly changing world. We continually work on improving our advanced products. The design of our products is based on strength, functionality and flexibility. Capable of carrying heavy loads for long periods and providing practical support without taking up much space.

Many improvements have been made in recent years to optimise the Neva for application in any bulk goods industry. Since 2022, we have also expanded our product portfolio with unloading stations for the Neva. We are also going to add an innovative new product to our portfolio later this year.  

Ricardo Hettinga

International Accountmanager

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