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The Indus Neva, EUMOS40509 certified, offers outstanding safety when transporting within or outside your company. The system remains completely stable while moving, whether it be a single unit or units stacked on top of one another. This offers a huge advantage in respect of safety compared to traditional wooden pallet systems.


“From the field to storage and processing at the mill, we can easily use the Indus Neva in all parts of the chain.”

– Marc van Eeckhout, owner of Bakkerij van Eeckhout.

Stability and storage in a concave deck

In addition to the stacking of big bags, the Indus Neva also improves the logistics of big bags. The system keeps big bags stable during transport. The Neva can be transported with different types of forklift trucks, including electric forklifts, stackers and pallet jacks.

The Indus Neva System consists of a robust concave base and four steel poles with special plastic feet and heads. The big bags can therefore be secured in the system and remain firmly in place in a container or truck. This means they can also be moved safely for internal transport.

Big Bag handling with a multifunctional pallet system

The Indus Neva is a unique and versatile system that offers more than a solution for logistics and transport. The Neva also helps with easy filling and emptying of big bags/FIBCs, efficient stacked storage and the improvement of both food safety and internal safety.

Ricardo Hettinga

International Accountmanager

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