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An innovative way to fill big bags stably and safely without the use of a crane. In addition, big bags can also be emptied easily. The unique pallet design allows dosed discharge of big bags through the pallet deck.

“The emptying process is 15 times faster than with a traditional unloading station. In addition, the system is a lot safer and more sustainable than the old system.”

– Mehmet Turkyilmaz, Plant Manager Jardin

Emptying big bag above production in factory

Easy emptying in combination with your own equipment

The Indus Neva makes a completely new way of emptying big bags possible. The big bag rests on the deck and the discharge hose fits through a hole in the deck that can be opened and closed via a slide, which also makes dosed emptying possible. Put the Neva on a frame that you can easily place above your processing or packaging lines.

This way you can fully integrate the Neva into your production line. Do you work with poorly flowing bulk goods? Then get to know our vibrating Gericke-Indus unloading station.

Indus products emptying big bags

All in one solution

The Indus Neva can be widely used in your bulk goods processing. The Indus Neva saves space in storage, ensures more efficient handling in your goods flow and offers more safety. This allows you to use the Neva in all facets of the factory.

Bulk goods in big bags

Big bags in the Indus Neva system are easy to fill and empty. Typical products stored and processed by the Indus Neva system and big bags: chemicals, pharmaceutical drugs, fertilizers, fiberglass, food ingredients, peas, grains, building materials (sand, gravel), pigments, plastics, refractories, seeds, salt, peanuts, starch, minerals, animal feed, wool and scrap. The Neva is therefore suitable for use in many different industries.

Ricardo Hettinga

International Accountmanager

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