How the processes at plastic injection molding company Promatrix have become more efficient and cleaner since the use of the Indus Neva. “By using the Neva, our machines no longer stop unintentionally.”

Where Promatrix started as a small company 25 years ago, it has now grown into a full-fledged production company with more than sixty employees. From aluminum mold making to plastic injection molding, they do everything under one roof. Bicycle parts, parts for rescue equipment and components for truck trailers; a selection from the wide diversity of plastic products that the company makes for its customers. And therefore the amount of different materials in storage is also large. “The Indus Nevas ensure that we can work much more clearly in our injection molding factory,” says Johan Dijkstra, Head Logistics.

Indus Neva Promatrix Specs

The facts on a row:

The profit that Promatrix achieves by using the Neva:

  • More efficient working method, so that machines no longer stand still

  • 65% less storage space required

  • Cleaner workplace and fewer raw materials wasted

  • Fully integrated into existing logistics

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The optimal process

“The plastic granules that we process arrive in 20 and 25 kilo bags on pallets. Via the filling station, the bags are poured into big bags, firmly anchored into the Neva pallet system. With a pallet truck, the big bags are stored in the right place and as soon as they are needed for production they are placed with the dryers. The dryers slurp up the right amount of granules with a hose that hangs from above in the Neva. As soon as the dryer is ready, it provides the direct supply to the injection molding machines,” says Johan.

Vervanging 25 KG zakken door Neva

Search for the right solution

“We used to store everything in the bags as they were delivered to us,” says Joost Schuiveling, Head of the business office. “This has several disadvantages. In your logistics process you then work with all kinds of loose bags, which are less easy to transport from A to B. In addition, loose bags are not easy to store.”

“The last few years, a more efficient working method has already been considered, for example with separate big bags. Granulates in big bags do not remain firmly in storage, so that turned out not to be an option. Due to the move to our new building at the beginning of last year, we started looking for a good solution again. Because the inventor of the Neva also owns Promatrix, we could easily test the Neva. The product turned out to work excellently in combination with our new factory.”

Less storage space required

“By using the Neva we can store the granules conveniently. We can now also store much more stock per square meter. We stack several Nevas on top of each other, so that we store our materials at a height. This allows us not only to work more efficiently, but also to use our building optimally,” says Johan.


No longer dependent

“We are also no longer dependent on how often an employee can fill the dryers,” Joost adds. “If a dryer is not filled in time, it will stand still until there is a new supply. Now we place a filled Neva with many more granules, which the dryer sucks up via the Vacuum Big Bag Unloading Station when they are needed.. That means much less worry for us. The Nevas can be filled when it suits the employee and machines don’t stop unintentionally.”

Work cleanly

“The last advantage is that we can work much cleaner with the Neva and the filling station. Previously, we cut open the bags at the dryer, above a barrel. A lot fell from the bag next to the barrel onto the ground. Keeping the production area tidy therefore took more work and a small part of the plastic was lost.”

Two different heights are used

“Due to the wide variety of products we make, we have many different materials in our hall. Some materials need more space than others, so we use high and low Nevas. To avoid too much variation, we have opted for a maximum of two different ones. This keeps our internal processes clear, because we have more than 100 pallet systems in use.”