Vacuum big bag unloading station

Indus offers a vacuum unloading station for processing plastic. Empty the granules from the big bags to your machines by plugging the unloading station to your vacuum system. Compared to emptying octabins, 25KG bags or big bags in a traditional way, this solution has a great return on investment.

Unique features of the Vacuum big bag unloading station

Processing bulk material can be challenging. Therefore, switch to the Indus Vacuum Big Bag Unloading Station in combination with the Indus Neva. The unloading station can be used in any situation where plastics are processed. Placing the big bag in the Indus Neva on an unloading station enables dosed discharge of the big bag from your desired height. In addition, the container under the frame is tiltable, allowing you to dump half-full big bags that are on top. This way you avoid half-full, non-sealable big bags.

It’s unique features:

  • Materials:
    Galvanised steel / 304 Stainless steel
  • Dimensions unloading frame:
    1210x1210x1034-2000; height-adjustable
  • Dimensions vacuum integration:
    1101,6 x 1101,6 x 440,3 mm
  • Load:
    Max. 2000 kg
  • Possible alterations:
    Adapted connecting pipe / Multiple connecting pipes
  • Extras:

Fix your processing challenges

Processing bulk material can be challenging. Solve the following issues by using the Vacuum Big Bag Unloading Station:

  • The time consuming handling process because of the use of 25KG bags.
  • The difficulty of emptying big bags completely, because the vacuum pipe must be re-allocated regularly.
  • The difficulty of emptying, the time-consuming handling process and the high investment costs of octabins.

See how the Vacuüm Big Bag unloading station works in the video below:

Other unloading stations

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