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With the use of the Indus Neva, bulk material is secured immediately. Due to the stability of the lower deck, the big bag stands upright during filling, transport, storage and emptying. The risk of accidents is therefore minimal. Improve the work environment with our certified products.

“Food safety has been improved by Neva, as we no longer need to use metal flo bins, and the cleaning process is much faster.”

– Guensley Campagnard, technical expert processing at Duyvis.

Tested ánd certified!

Provided the Indus Neva is used correctly, it provides huge safety benefits compared to the ‘normal’ stacking of big bags or other solutions such as pallet racks. The Indus Neva has been tested extensively and is still being improved to guarantee optimal safety. We supply manuals with the product as standard to guarantee optimal use by all employees.

The Indus Neva has been certified for a load-bearing capacity of 6 tonnes. We recommend maintaining stacking heights of around 7 metres for good visibility of work.

food approved Neva

Food safety with Indus

The Indus Neva also offers a food safe and anti-static solution. Our product can be made entirely from food-safe material. In addition, the combination with big bag is an important choice. We would be delighted to advise on the use of big bag type (A, B, C, D), load-bearing capacity (SWL: 5:1, 6:1 or 8:1) and how products can be used in an ATEX environment safely.

Multifunctional use of the Neva

The Indus Neva is a unique and versatile system offers more than a solution for safety. The Neva also helps with easy filling and emptying of big bags/FIBCs, efficient stacked storage and the improvement of big bag logistics.

Ricardo Hettinga

International Accountmanager

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