How high can the stack be with the Indus Neva? 

The maximum load for a single stack is 6 tonnes. The maximum stacking height in a normal situation is 7 metres. In practice, this means that, for example, 3 big bags of 2 metres, 4 big bags of 1.35 metres and 5 big bags of 1 metre can be stacked. Bear in mind that every situation is different. Basic conditions are a stable surface and sufficient visibility to stack the products with big bags on top of one another. This has been tested and certified by IBE-BVI, Sebert, a testing institute in Belgium.

Is the Indus Neva certified? 
  • The Indus Neva has been certified by the Belgian Packaging Institute (BVI) bvba. The results show that the Indus Neva deck can handle a maximum pressure of 12,618 kg. A maximum pressure of 6,000 kg is advised on this basis.
  • The Indus Neva is also EUMOS40509 certified. This means remarkable safety during transport within and outside your company. The system stabilizes the big bag during movement. The form-retaining packaging is easier to secure, it reduces loading and unloading times, makes it safer for employees to work with and prevents loss of goods.
What has the Indus Neva been tested for? 
  • The stability of 4 stacked Nevas: to test the stability of a stack of Indus Neva systems, a simulation took place in which a forklift truck drives into the stack at approx. 5-10km/h. (YouTube link) The stack of 4 big bags with a height of 105 cm moves back and forth, but remains in the same position.
  • Downward pressure: the Indus has a maximum stacking capacity of 6,000 kg (see declaration above). Test certificate available on request.
  • Transport test: simulated transport in a truck, vibrations. No damage or effect on the load due to the shape of the deck.
What about food safety? 

A food-approved big bag handling system is available for the food industry. This version is made of virgin plastic and stainless steel. Read our article about food safety for more information.