Are spare parts available?  

Decks, poles, parts: siphons (lock heads), replacement spring heads and slides are available as separate parts. Other than that, we only sell complete poles for guarantee and quality assurance purposes. Please contact us if you want to order spare parts.

What products do you sell?
  • Big bag systems the Neva: a pallet on which the big bag rests, with 4 poles to which the lifting loops can be attached. This construction gives the big bag stability and it can be filled, stacked, emptied and transported easily and safely.
  • Big bag unloading stations: we have different stations for emptying big bags. The big bag, in one of our big bag systems, is placed on the station with a forklift truck. By opening the slider, the material flows out of the big bag through the bottom of the deck. The big bag can be connected at the bottom for further processing. We offer stations for free-flowing materials to bridging materials, such as powders.
  • Big bags: we can also assist you in obtaining the right big bags through one of our partners.