Big bag storage system



Is a pallet deck of 100x120 cm, or 100x100 cm available? 

This option is not available at the moment since the lower deck of the Indus Neva is produced by means of injection moulding. Indus is working on a new product to be able to offer a solution for these sizes as well. For more information about these developments, please contact our Product Development:

What is the standard frame made of? 

The standard frame is made of steel and is galvanised. The frame can also be made of stainless steel.

What is the load-bearing capacity? 

The max. load-bearing capacity of the Indus Neva is 1,500 kg. The Indus Neva, with two open sides for a pallet jack or electric stacker, has a maximum load-bearing capacity of 1,000 kg. That is 6,000 kg and 4,000 kg, respectively, when stacked.

Are the poles adjustable? 

The poles are custom-made and cannot be adjusted afterwards for maximum load-bearing capacity.

Can you supply the poles in 316 stainless steel too? 

Stainless steel poles are usually the 304 type.

The loops don't fit around it properly, is that safe/unsafe? 

The big bag is stable because of the concave of the deck. There are situations, though, in which the support of a lifting loop is required. Please contact us for a better analysis of the situation.

How do the deck and the poles stabilise the Big Bag? 

Every big bag is stable in the Indus Neva because of the shape of the deck. The poles are for support, but the big bag should not pull on the poles.

Is it easy to stack an Indus Neva? 

Yes, because of the design of the bottom of the deck, the deck centres itself on the heads of the Neva below it. The Neva still rests on the forks of the forklift truck and can be lowered slowly. Of course it is always dependent on the forklift truck driver’s driving experience.

How do I empty a big bag with a standard frame and the Indus Neva? 

The big bags rests on the deck of the Neva and the discharge spout goes through a hole in the deck, therefore the big bag can be unloaded via a frame. Simply position it above one of your processing or packaging lines. Because the slide can be closed again during the process doses discharging is possible. Check-out our video for more information:


How do I fill a big bag in the Indus Neva? 

When filling the big bag, make sure all lifting loops are properly secured. The knot of the discharge hose must be above the slide. The big bag can now be filled. At the spring head, the springs will come under tension when filling, so that they pull the big bag up again when it is emptied.

How do I hang an empty big bag in the Indus Neva? 

When empty big bags are used the Indus Neva is generally equipped with a springhead. Place the big bag in the system by securing the 4 corner loops onto the orange poles. Pull the corner loops down and firmly secure these under the black hooks. Check out our video for more information:

How do I place a full big bag in the Indus Neva? 

Lift the full big bag with a forklift by using the 4 lifting loops and hang it above the system. The big bag can now be lowered and placed in the middle of the deck, between the four poles. Now, the lifting loops can be put over the 4 poles and the lock loosely put in place by hand. Check out our video for more information:

What are the different heads for? 

The different heads on the poles are for use in different situations. Generally: the lock head is for filled big bags, the spring head is for empty big bags that are filled and emptied. The roller spring head works for both, but is primarily suited to narrow big bags with base dimensions of 850×850 mm – 920×920 mm. Read more about our heads in this article.

Can I place a pallet between the poles too? 

It is possible to place pallets of different sizes between the poles. However, the pallet is not secured. We are developing a new product for this application. Get in touch with your contactperson for more information.

How does the slider work, and can I use it while the product is flowing? 

The slider is used for emptying material from the big bag via the deck. Ensure the deck is standing on a frame, which allows you to pull the slider open and pull the discharge spout (with ties fastened) through the slider. Now close the slider. The ties in the discharge spout can now be unfastened. If the slider is now opened, the material flows out. The slider can also be closed again during emptying.

What is the Indus Neva made of?
  • Standard variant: Polypropylene, Polyamide, galvanised steel.
  • Food-approved variant: Virgin Polypropylene,