Stack big bags safely and save up to 70% space

Stack your bulk goods in big bags / FIBCs safely with our Indus Neva.

Looking for ways to save space in your factory or warehouse? Stack your bulk goods in big bags / FIBCs safely on top of each other with our Indus Neva. Held together by the stacking tubes in each corner of the bottom deck, the Neva system can be safely placed on top of each other. The system keeps the jumbo bags perfectly balanced, up to 7 meters or 6 tons.

The Indus Neva is the most efficient and safe support for big bags. Stacking big bags increases the capacity to a maximum of 4 times 1,500 kg. Easy and quick to assemble and disassemble. Choose maximum use of your storage space. The system is also known as big bag stacking rack, big bag container, big bag storage rack or big back storage system.

Your exact savings
The maximum stack height is 7 meters high and 6 tons in weight. By using the Indus Neva, the following storage space can be saved compared to a 100×100 big bag:

  • Stacked 2 high: 40.50%
  • Stacked 3 high: 60.33%
  • Stacked 4 high: 70.25%

Takes up little space when temporarily vacant
Besides the fact that the Indus Neva can be easily stacked, the lightweight product takes up little space when temporarily not in use. The bottom parts can be stacked and up to 44 posts can be placed in the bottom part through recesses in the bottom deck. As a result, a Neva never takes up unnecessary space in your company hall or during transport. Ideal, for example, during a seasonal dip in the production process.

Other advantages of the Neva
The Indus Neva is a unique and versatile system that not only offers a solution for saving your storage space. The Neva also helps you easily fill and empty big bags, optimize your goods flow and supply, and minimize safety risks with our certified products. In addition, the product can be fully tailored to your situation, due to the wide range of options that the Neva offers. We will of course be happy to advise you on this.