Emptying every big bag with the Indus unloading stations

Processing bulk goods is a challenge. Indus makes a completely new way of emptying big bags possible with our unloading stations.

With the unique pallet design of the Neva, the big bag rests on a deck that can be opened and closed via a hole and a slider in the deck. The unloading station on which the Neva can be placed enables simple and measured emptying of big bags. Your big bags can be processed with one system, emptied in the fastest possible way and also offer savings in storage, more efficient logistics and improved safety.

The advantages at a glance:

  • The fastest emptying solution on the market
  • No safety issues
  • Different frame designs allow any material to be emptied
  • Partial and metered emptying possible
  • Mini silo that can also be stacked in storage
  • Connectable to extraction, conveyor system, silo

Ergonomic, safe and fast emptying of big bags

A big bag unloading station enables the ergonomic, automatic, fast, safe and measured unloading of materials from big bags. To unload materials, place the Neva at an unloading station. This way you can empty from your own desired height. This turns a time-consuming process into a simple action in your production process. Fully integrable with processing lines and packaging lines.

A unique solution for every material

Depending on the material, a jumbo bag flows with a ‘free-flow’ or can, for example, form a bridge. Materials such as plastic granules, coffee beans, nuts, gravel and pet food generally flow quite easily, while powders such as chalk, ground coffee and pigments flow more difficultly. The Indus Standard Big Bag Unloading Station is suitable for easy-flowing products. Looking for an alternative to poorly flowing goods? Then get to know the Gericke-Indus Unloading Station.

Extremely accurate metered emptying

Our Big Bag Dosingstation enables even more precise, metered emptying. The dosing unloading station has a collection container for the material, which allows for even more accurate dosing than with the dosing slide in the deck on the Standard Big Bag Unloading Station. The discharge spout of a big bag can be closed down to the last grain. Excellent for unloading big bags with seeds, fertilizer or gravel, for example, in sections.

Reduce downtime

Indus offers a vacuum unloading station for easy and clean processing of plastic. Transport the granulate from the big bags to your machines by connecting the unloading station to your vacuum system. The Indus Vacuum Big Bag Unloading Station can be adapted to your connecting pipe and can be connected to multiple pipes. This ensures your product process of a constant supply of material to prevent machines from unintentionally coming to a standstill.