Big bag unloading for powders

Gericke-Indus Big Bag unloading station

Indus and Gericke have pooled their expertise in big bag handling and emptying of materials and have jointly developed and designed a Big Bag unloading station.

Innovative design

The unique, innovative design of the unloading station, which is a combination of a vibrating platform, pneumatic rammers and a big bag stretching system, allows the bags to be emptied completely, dust-free and with a short lead time. It’s unique features:

  • Short lead time:
    A big bag with powder that flows with difficulty can be emptied 100% within a few minutes
  • Low height:
    The big bag unloading station is suitable for very low building heights, from 2,6 metres
  • Minimal wastage:
    The big bag is emptied completely and dust-free
  • Modular system:
    Configure your unloading station based on the characteristics of your materials
  • Hygienic & non-hygienic solutions

Unique solution

A striking feature of the Gericke-Indus big bag unloading station is the series of ten double-acting pneumatic cylinders to unload a stuck product from the big bag. This choice is due to the fact that the lower deck has openings that allow the cylinders to do their job in an ingenious way. The ten cylinders form an inner ring and an outer ring. These ensure that the cylinders move the product from the outer edges to the center of the jumbo bag, causing the product to flow out of the big bag. Want to know more about this solution? Get in touch.

Extra advantages

The Gericke/Indus Big Bag unloading station not only requires little height, but also takes up little space. There is no hoist with a lifting cross, which requires ground space. Furthermore, the discharger has a short discharge cycle. A large big bag with difficult-flowing powder can be completely emptied within three minutes, after which another Indus Neva can be immediately placed on the unloading station. As a result, many big bags can be processed in a short time. Do your goods have a free flow? Then our standard unloading station is also suitable for you.

Ricardo Hettinga

International Accountmanager

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