Standard big bag unloading station

Indus offers a standard unloading station for processing above a container, conveyor belt, or machine for the emptying of free-flowing materials from big bags.

Unique features of the Standard big bag unloading station

The Standard big bag unloading station can be used in any situation. The frame can be disassembled and produced in different heights. Placing the big bag in the Indus Neva on an unloading station enables dosed discharge of the big bag from your desired height using the built-in slider. It’s unique features:

  • Materials:
    Galvanised steel / 304 Stainless steel
  • Dimensions:
    1210x1210x1034-2000; height-adjustable, suitable for the Neva pallet
  • Extras:

Empty your big bags easily

It is necessary to use an emptying station to use the Indus big bag handling systems in production so the deck can be emptied from a specific height. Depending on the material, it can be free-flowing or it can be bridging. Plastic granulates generally flow fairly easily, while powders flow with more difficulty (see the Big Bag Unloader). The standard emptying station is only suitable for materials that are free-flowing since it has no pneumatic or hydraulic massage systems or a vibratory plate.


How to use the unloading station

It is very easy to use the emptying station in production:

  1. Position the frame above the container, bucket or receptacle into which the material needs to go.
  2. Place the Indus Neva on the frame.
  3. Ensure the discharge spout goes through the opening of the deck, with the ties still fastened.
  4. Now close the slider with the discharge spout in between so the ties can be unfastened.
  5. Unfasten the ties on the discharge spout.
  6. When the slider is now opened, the material flows out of the big bag.
  7. Close the slider when the dosing needs to be stopped.

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