Big bag dosing station

The new big bag unloading station that enables even more accurate and metered unloading of materials from big bags.

Amatrex skewer for opening big bags

Unique features of the big bag dosing station

  • Material:
    Standard version: steel. Also available in stainless steel.
  • Dimensions:
    1210x1210x1034-2000; height adjustable, suitable for the Neva pallet.
  • Carrying capacity:
    Up to 2,000 kg


The unloading station is also suitable for emptying big bags without a discharge spout with our skewer as an add-on. By using the skewer, which is placed on the Neva deck, big bags can also be emptied without a discharge spout/with a closed bottom. The skewer pierces the bottom of the big bag, after which the material flows through the skewer.

Amatrex unloading station, dosed emptying big bags

All benefits

With the dosing unloading station you can not only place the big bag at your desired working height, but also empty big bags in even more accurate doses.

  • The Indus Neva deck has an integrated dosing slide.
  • The dosing unloading station has a collection container for the material, which allows for even more accurate dosing than with the dosing slide in the deck.
  • The discharge spout of a big bag no longer gets in the way when closing the slide and can be closed down to the last grain.
  • Excellent for unloading jumbo bags with seeds, fertilizer or gravel, for example, in sections.

Other unloading stations

Our alternatives:

  • Standard Big Bag Unloading Station: Are you looking for a sturdy frame for placing big bags above your machine, conveyor belt or hopper? Discover our Standard Big Bag Unloading Station.
  • Gericke/Indus Unloading Station: Are you looking for an unloading station for emptying big bags filled with bridging materials and goods such as powders? Get to know the Gericke/Indus Unloading Station.
  • Vacuum Big Bag Unloading Station: Are you looking for a vacuum unloading station to process plastic granules? Discover the Vacuum Big Bag Unloading Station.

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