The 3 advantages of a flexible storage system over traditional pallet racking 

In this article, we discuss the advantages of the unique big bag system over traditional pallet racking.  

In industrial sectors that use large volumes of bulk materials, it is important to be able to store these in an efficient way. In addition, it is helpful if bulk material can be transported to production. Big bags, also known as FIBCs (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers), are a widely used packaging solution for these materials. That is because they are cheap, durable, and easy to use. The use of a specialist big bag handling system like the Indus Neva offers many advantages over traditional pallet racking. Especially in terms of use of space, safety, and supplementary functions in production. In this article, we discuss the advantages of the unique big bag system over traditional pallet racking.   

Flexible storage

The flexibility of use is an important advantage of the bag handling system over a rack in the storage facility. The Indus Neva system can be set up easily in the event of an increase in stock requirements or dismantled if the need decreases again. This represents a 60% decrease in the use of space with normal use of a big bag of 100x100x100 cm. This makes it possible to adapt storage space to meet changing demands, thereby avoiding unnecessary use of space and costs. Pallet racks are often anchored in the ground and require more time and effort to change, which can hamper operational flexibility.  

Fewer accidents, less wastage

The big bag handling system offers a high level of safety for both the transporting and stacking of big bags. The tub-shaped deck and vertical poles keep the big bag in place and stable, even when transported with a forklift truck or when stacked 4 layers high. This reduces the risk of accidents, product damage, and injury to employees. The big bag handling system offers a superior safety solution compared to pallet racking, which poses a risk of instability and the big bags falling over.  

Supplementary functions in production

Another advantage of the big bag handling system is the function it has in production.  Whereas a loose big bag on a wooden pallet has to be removed from a pallet rack and then hung in a hanging frame in production, the big bag handling system can be used for both storage and production. The system enables efficient dosed discharge of big bags by placing the deck on a container or above a processing line. This enables a seamless transition between storage and production, which optimises the workflow and improves production efficiency.  

Indus strives to accelerate the transformation to sustainable, accessible and safe handling of solids in the industry. Do you need advice on the appropriate use of big bags in your storage or production facility? Don’t hesitate to contact us.