Simple and accurate dosing of dry bulk goods

Looking for a simple way to unload your stored bulk goods in doses? Get to know our new dosing unloading station. A big bag unloading station that enables ergonomic, fast, accurate and metered unloading of materials from big bags when they are stored in the Indus Neva.

With the dosing unloading station you can not only place the big bag at your desired working height, but also empty big bags in even more accurate doses: 

  • The Indus Neva deck has an integrated dosing slide. 
  • The dosing unloading station has a collection tray for the material, which allows for even more accurate dosing than with the dosing slide in the Neva deck. 
  • The discharge spout of a big bag no longer gets in the way when closing the slide and can be closed down to the last grain. 
  • Excellent for unloading big bags with seeds, fertilizer or, for example, gravel in sections. 

The unloading station is suitable for carrying 2.000 kg. The unloading station also ensures that work can be done hygienically. No more half-open cut bags in the factory or shed. Its unique design with crossed reinforcements makes it a slim unloading station with a competitive price from € 1,320. In combination with the Neva and big bag you already have a mini silo for less than € 1,800. 

Amatrex unloading station, dosed emptying big bags

Add-on: Also for big bags without discharge spout

By using the skewer, which is placed on the Neva deck, big bags also can be emptied without a discharge spout/with a closed bottom. The skewer pierces the bottom of the big bag, after which the material flows through the skewer. The material remains in the Neva deck through the integrated dosing slide until the slide is pulled open and the material is emptied. This makes the system suitable for almost all big bags. Just make sure that big bags larger than 105×105 do not fit between the posts of the Neva system. 

Amatrex skewer for opening big bags

Other alternatives 

The dosing unloading station is a perfect addition to the Neva for anyone who wants to dose even more accurately or who uses big bags without an opening or discharge hose at the bottom.   

Are you looking for a sturdy unloading station to place above your machine, conveyor belt or hopper? Then discover our standard unloading station. Or are you looking for an unloading station for emptying big bags filled with bridge-forming materials, goods such as powders? Then get to know the Gericke/Indus big bag unloading station. The innovative unique design of the unloading station ensures that the big bag can be emptied completely dust-free with a short lead time. 

Interested? Request more information about the dosing unloading station here.

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