100% reuse of pallets – Solution for new obligation

Pallets form a large waste stream within logistics companies. Reducing the wood flow for these pallets is not only interesting because of sustainability but will soon become mandatory under European legislation.

European legislation focuses on the reuse of pallets. Reuse should be 30% by 2030 and even 90% by 2040. Therefore, it is very important to look for good alternatives that can also be more interesting financially. The solution is the 100% reusable pallet from Indus.

The use of the Indus Neva, EUMOS40509 certified, makes wooden pallet systems redundant. The system consists of a robust, bowl-shaped pallet deck and 4 steel poles in which a big bag is placed. The Neva also offers the option of using big bags multiple times, which increases the sustainability of your company even further.

Many advantages

In addition to sustainability benefits, the Neva offers a wide range of options. This way you can stack the Neva up to 4 units high, being able to save 70% on storage space. The system remains completely stable during movement, whether as a single unit or stacked on top of each other. This offers a huge safety advantage over traditional wooden pallet systems.

Stable during transport

In addition, the Neva can be transported with different types of forklift trucks, including electric forklift trucks, stackers and pallet jacks. Because the big bag is secured in the system, it also remains firmly in place in containers and trucks. In addition, the Neva can be stored compactly when it is temporarily not in use. The smart design of the pallet deck offers space for 44 poles and the decks can easily be stacked on top of each other. The Indus Neva is therefore the all-in-1 solution for sustainable and accessible bulk logistics.