Indus Neva Lockhead

The Indus Neva Lockhead is our first and most popular version of the Indus Neva big bag handling system, because it is so widely applicable.

The design enables companies to use all functionalities of the system when handling big bags.

Storage of full big bags, stacking up to 7 meters/6 tons, safe logistics and shipment, discharging through bottom deck, filling.

Available in any height
Just like any other version of the Indus Neva, the pole height is adjustable and based on the height of the big bag and that is used, and the length of the lifting loops. Width and depth of the big bag are recommended to be between 95×95-105×105 for the ideal fit.

Why use the Indus NEVA Lockhead?

  • Advantages: compared to other versions, the lock can easily be slided up, when a full big bag is placed in the Indus Neva. With the ‘spring’ versions, the lifting loops are too tight to detach from the pole’s head.
  • Disadvantages: in contrary to the ‘spring’ versions, the lockhead does not lift the big bag at the final stages of emptying.