Indus Neva standard bottom deck

The bottom deck is used to safely store big bags, by putting them on the bottom deck, which has a bowl shape.

The bowl shape stabilizes the big bag in itself, but can be supported by 4 poles. In combination with 4 assembled poles, this is the Indus Neva. By adding the 4 poles, big bags are stackable.

Specifications Indus Neva

  • Material: recycled Polypropylene
  • Dimensions: 120x120x31cm
  • Maximum load capacity: 1.5 tons per unit. Certifications available on request
  • Maximum stacking capacity: 6 tons / 7 meters. Regular number of Neva’s stacked: 3-5

The standard Indus Neva bottom deck is suitable for most applications. Goods normally don’t come in contact with the bottom deck, due to the fact that products are inside the big bag. This is the reason that also food products can be stored in an Indus Neva system with a standard bottom deck.

The bottom deck offers the possibility to stack 40 poles in the center for storage. This means the poles of 10 systems can be stacked in 1 bottom deck. This is a huge advantage compared to common solutions that can’t be reduced in space.