Indus Neva Poles

The pole of the Indus Neva is essential for two reasons: stackability and emptying big bags.

A complete Indus Neva system consists of an assembled bottom deck and 4 assembled poles. The 4 poles are put in the 4 holes on each corner of the bottom deck. The design of the cone, which is conical, and the ribs on the side ensure that the poles won’t get stuck in the holes, but have maximum stability. After the poles have been put in the holes on the 4 corners, an empty or full big bag can be placed on the Indus Neva bottom deck, while attaching the lifting loops to the head on the pole.

The height of the pole is adjustable to any big bag height between 400 and 2300mm.

The pole consists of multiple parts: the unassembled steel pole, the cone – gently squeezed on the bottom of the pole, and the head, which we explain in other sections.

Poles are presented with two different materials: stainless steel is used for our Food Grade solution. For any other solution we use normal steel.