Indus in the Plastic industry

Transform your production process in the plastic industry with the use of the Indus Neva.

Our unique and advanced solution offers safe and efficient processing of plastic granules, flakes, resins and additives. A pallet system that improves the storage, transport and emptying of your bulk material from big bags.

Minimise accidents, optimise production processes and storage, and reduce wastage with the use of the all-in-one solution. You can save on costs and make production more sustainable. The Indus Neva is the key to better results and cost benefits in the plastics industry. 

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e-hoffmann plastics


The Indus Neva is a versatile big bag system that can be used for a wide range of materials. Whether it concerns plastic resins, additives, plastic granules or pellets, or even plastic flakes made of recycled material, the Indus Neva can process them efficiently. Our solution is ideal for the safe storage of large volumes of material. In addition, the Indus Neva can be used as a mini-silo for precise adding of additives, for example. 

Efficiency and sustainability

The Indus Neva combined with a big bag is a more sustainable and efficient solution than alternatives like Octabins and the use of large quantities of 25 kg bags. Read about the benefits of using the Indus Neva for bulk materials here. 

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