big bag handling at Alldra; storing bulk goods in Nevas

Indus in the Chemical industry

Indus offers advice and products to improve the processing of your goods.

Indus offers advice and products to improve the processing of your goods. We have a unique solution for the transportation and storage as well as the emptying of your big bags. Empty powder from the big bag without bridging or contamination, and with maximum safety, within a limited time. The solution is limited in height and won the innovation prize at Solids Antwerpen in 2022. The Indus Neva is the key to better results and cost benefits in your factory.

Big bag unloading for powders

Innovatieve manier van big bags legen

The Gericke-Indus Big Bag Unloading station combined with the Indus Neva offers a highly efficient method of storing, transporting and emptying big bags. The product is primarily used in the food and chemical industry for products that are free-flowing, as well as for bridging materials such as talc, chalk, salt and milk powder.

These are the benefits:

  • Space savings
  • Suitable for factories that are limited in height (<3,5m)
  • Modular frame: can be built according to needs and requirements
  • Safe and efficient

Complies with ATEX and Food industry certification. Can be tested at Gericke B.V., in Hoevelaken, the Netherlands.


Emptying big bags

The emptying of big bags, super sacks, jumbo bags, or FIBCs presents many challenges. There are various solutions on the market. However, the unique solution of a big bag unloading station combined with a safe plastic storage rack improves the efficiency of the whole factory. We can advise you based on the specifications of your factory.

Solutions for the chemical industry

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