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Solids Industries

The Indus Neva provides a highly efficient and reliable means to handle, transport and store your solid products.

Each industry faces its own specific challenges. This page outlines various industries in which our Neva systems are widely adopted. Of course, this brief overview doesn’t include all possible industries.

Want to get more information on whether our solids packaging can be used in your specific industry? Please contact us.

Food & Pet Food

The Indus Neva offers great benefits when handling and storing finished foods or food ingredients.

Companies producing their own food ingredients or semi-finished products can fill the Big Bags in the system beforehand for further handling, storage, (dosed) discharge and conveying to the converting lines for further processing or end-user packaging. In order to accurately control batch size, the Neva is often combined with discharge stations equipped with a weighing unit.

The Neva also allows you to handle pre-filled Big Bags (coming from your suppliers) for further processing. For companies requiring utmost levels of hygiene, Indus offers a Food Grade Neva from virgin materials.


For companies that produce or process feed, the Indus Neva provides a clever packaging solution that covers your entire supply chain, from start to end.

It all starts with the internal storage, handling and processing of feed and feed ingredients in Big Bags. At the end, the Indus Neva may come full-circle as reusable packaging, allowing the end-user such as farmers to determine dosage.


Seeds can be expensive. Therefore, Indus has developed a specialized Big Bag, which is reusable, 100% waterproof, clean and smooth. This adds exceptional value for the logistics, stacked storage and handling of higher priced seeds.

Small batches of seeds can be packed separately and discharged in small dosed volumes for further processing or wrapping up in the end-user’s packaging.


Not only Big Bags with plastic granulates, but also Big Bags with small plastic products, find a proper fit in your supply chain with the help of the Indus Neva Systems.

One of the most valuable benefits of the reusable Indus Neva Systems is to replace one-way octabins. In virtually all circumstances, the (single trip) Big Bag used in the Indus Neva System is more cost-efficient than the single-trip Octabin. In addition to this cost advantage, you get the convenience of being easily able to discharge the Big Bag from the bottom instead of suctioning the materials out of the cardboard octabin.


For aggressive chemicals or salt-like products, the Indus Neva system is available in a Stainless Steel version to prevent corrosion on the metal parts caused by these potentially harmful materials.

Therefore, The Neva System is frequently used in the storage and handling of road salts.


Companies in the recycling industry often face the following problem. They want to gather the recyclable goods in a Big Bag, but lack a simple and good way to keep the Big Bag upright and open during filling.

Both the Indus Isar and Indus Neva systems solve this issue. In addition, both systems ensure that the filled Big Bags can be stacked in a stable and secure manner at the point of storage.