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Liquids Industries

Optimized for many Industries

The Indus Liquid solutions are designed to provide a highly efficient and reliable method of transportation for your liquids.

This page provides a non-exhaustive outline of various industries in which Indus’ solutions are widely used. Of course, this brief overview doesn’t include all possible industries. Want to get more information on whether our liner-based packaging can be used in your specific industry? Please contact us.

Why turn you rigid IBCs into cardboard liner-based packaging?

Many industries traditionally ship their liquids in rigid metal IBCs, such as water-based paints, printing inks and some non-hazardous chemicals.

However, these rigid bins bring some serious disadvantages to the table. Aside from the fact that these containers need to be returned when empty, in many cases they also require intensive cleaning, unless they are dedicated to one specific product.

This causes your costs to rise. You will hold vastly more containers than strictly required, and it poses the need for additional space of empty dirty and clean units. Your costs are literally piling up.

These industries have to tackle another issue: the receiving customer is often credited for any residual product that may be left in the IBC. This encourages customers to stop emptying as soon as the product flow is slowing down. It’s not unheard of that 80-100 kg of products is sent back for a credit note, thereby burning money and disturbing sales figures.

Of course, the reasons above just scratch the surface of why suppliers prefer to switch to one-way IBC’s. Some issues are not applicable to all types of products. These products are mostly shipped by means of a Conicube or Flexicube, because of their large discharge openings. This allows highly viscous products to be discharged in a quick and reliable manner.

Packaging glue and adhesives

In the case of glues and adhesives, the same issues mentioned above often occur. But an additional difficulty arises: these products risk skin forming on top of the product, resulting from the excess oxygen on top of the product inside the container.

The bag-in-box concept eliminates this skin forming risk. It allows for filling without any air inside the bag. In addition, it can be used in conjunction with barrier bags, if necessary, as to avoid possible penetration of oxygen through the surface of the bag.

Packaging food and drinks

As far as food applications are concerned; all three Indus’ packaging solutions can be used. But for free flowing products, the Cargocube is often the preferred unit.

Hygiene is crucial in these industries and re-usable containers are a risk. If errors slip into the cleaning process – which is a risk that can never be fully eliminated – the product could be contaminated. The Cargocube is used as a brand new unit for every shipment. This guarantees absolutely risk-free packaging and a safe transport vehicle to deliver the goods to your customers.

Indus offers an assortment of add-ons to make your goods arrive in the best possible state at your customers’ production site. You benefit from our precision-engineered liner bags, filling connections and discharge solutions – even aseptic liner bags are available.