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Indus Flexicube is suitable for both high viscosity and free flow products that are discharged at once. Flexicube brings the advantage of versatility – supporting many different kinds of liquids – at attractively low costs.

The Flexicube is used in conjunction with a big bag. The liner is filled at the top and discharged at the bottom or through the top. The system is viable for companies already using big bag systems, as the Flexicube can be used with their already existing processing infrastructure.

  • Broadly usable – supports both high viscosity and free flow liquids (single discharge)
  • Low cost and fits your current big bag processing infrastructure
  • Protects the big bag, prevents bulging and makes the big bag stackable and safe to store

Flexicube Specs

  • Volume: 1000 liter+
  • Dimensions: 1130 x 1130 x 950 mm
  • Compression strength: 20.000 kg
  • Stackable: 2:1 static / 1:1 dynamic
  • Transport: standard 20’ sea container fits 20 units

Low-cost packaging for all your liquids

Flexicube is designed as a high-performance and low-cost packaging solution for all your liquids. The cardboard Flexicube acts as a solid exoskeleton surrounding a polypropylene big bag, which in turn contains a polyethylene liner to safely carry the liquid contents.

In order to discharge the liner, the end-user can employ one of two methods. Method 1 is to raise the big bag out of the Flexicube over the discharging station and subsequently open the big bag and liner. Alternatively, the entire pallet can be lifted in order to open the cardboard bottom to reach the big bag and liner.

Like all Indus solutions, the Flexicube can be stacked for a highly efficient method of storage and transportation. It beats traditional big bag systems, that don’t allow for efficient stacking.

Use Case

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    Reliable and Efficient Packaging for your Liquids

    At Indus, you find the best long-distance packaging solutions to ease your filling, transportation and discharging processes. Your clients demand utmost reliability and efficiency in handling your liquids. We help you meet those needs.

    • Liquid solutions for both high viscosity and free flow liquids
    • Stackable designs – transport and store your liquids as efficient as possible
    • Recyclable and environmentally friendly

    Indus Liquid Solutions are distributed exclusively by CI Products.

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